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Date of Birth : 13 November 1980 , Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA
Birth Name : Adrienne Monique Coleman
Nickname : Momo
Height : 1.59 m
Sign : Scorpio
Hair : Black

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Adrienne Monique Coleman is an American actress, singer and dancer known for being one of the co-stars in the High School Musical movies, in which she plays T .... Read More

"10-8: Officers on Duty"

  • Projects Name: "10-8: Officers on Duty" (2003)
  • Also Known As : "10-8" (USA)
    "10-8: Police Patrol" (UK)
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Character:
  • Rating: 7.0
  • Language: English /
  • Country: USA /
  • Genre: Drama / Crime /
  • Status:
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Tagline:

"10-8: Officers on Duty" Rico Amonte was brought out to LA by his older brother Angelo, a detective in the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Division. He is now in his first year, learning to become a professional police officer, and it\'s up to Senior Deputy Barnes to teach him the ropes. Their vastly different backgrounds give them opposing points of view on how to police the streets. Amonte\'s irreverent style can get the job done, but usually not in the way Barnes would call standard procedure. The other training officers are Senior Deputy Matt Jablonski and Senior Deputy Ryan Layne. Jablonski is partnered with Trainee Gabriella Lopez, a young Latina from East LA. Layne\'s partner is Trainee Chase Williams, a recent law school grad eager to acquire street experience before he becomes a D.A. Written by

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