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Date of Birth : 13 November 1980 , Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA
Birth Name : Adrienne Monique Coleman
Nickname : Momo
Height : 1.59 m
Sign : Scorpio
Hair : Black

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Adrienne Monique Coleman is an American actress, singer and dancer known for being one of the co-stars in the High School Musical movies, in which she plays T .... Read More

"Gilmore Girls"

  • Projects Name: "Gilmore Girls" (2000)
  • Also Known As : "Gilmore Girls: Beginnings" (USA)
    "The Gilmore Way" (USA)
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Character:
  • Rating: 8.3
  • Language: English /
  • Country: USA /
  • Genre: Drama / Family / Comedy /
  • Status:
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Tagline: Life's short. Talk Fast

"Gilmore Girls" Lorelai Gilmore, 32, has such a close relationship with her daughter Rory that they are often mistaken for sisters. Between Lorelai\'s relationship with her parents, Rory\'s new prep school, and both of their romantic entanglements, there\'s plenty of drama to go around. Written by

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