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Date of Birth : 13 November 1980 , Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA
Birth Name : Adrienne Monique Coleman
Nickname : Momo
Height : 1.59 m
Sign : Scorpio
Hair : Black

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Adrienne Monique Coleman is an American actress, singer and dancer known for being one of the co-stars in the High School Musical movies, in which she plays T .... Read More

Monique Coleman Trivia

  • Her favorite type of music is Old School while her favorite color is purple.
  • Coleman's favorite school subject is English because she loves grammar.
  • Her favorite topic of conversation is life, since she is really sentimental.
  • Her nickname is Mo.
  • She is part Indian and part Creole.
  • Coleman auditioned to play the role of Jenny for the movie "Gangs of New York" but the part went to Cameron Diaz.
  • Her favorite subject is English, favorite food is sushi and favorite animal is monkey.
  • The “High School Musical” star shares the same birthday with Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Noth.
  • She said that her favorite musical is “Fame” and “Bye Bye, Birdie”.
  • Coleman's favorite sport is Tag Football while her favorite outside activity is climbing.
  • She considers “High School Musical” as the biggest thing that happened to her career.
  • Her favorite season of the year is fall and morning is her favorite time of the day.
  • Her biggest motivator is Oprah Winfrey
  • Monique can do a split.
  • Monique played Young Donna in The Ditchdigger's Daughters.
  • Monique played Dofimae in Mother of the River.
  • Monique played Andy in the movie, Gilmore Girls.
  • Monique played Gabrielle Pollard in Veronica Mars.
  • Monique received a 2006 Camie Award for her role as Leesha in the Hallmark movie, The Reading Room.
  • Monique is African-American.
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